Treat U Self

We are all guilty of that sweet craving but find ourselves with the same monotonous selection of candy bars. At Pulse, nothing is ordinary. We want you to fill up on awesome! Treat U Self is a gourmet and candy wall with over 48 unique varieties of candy to select and create your own cup of awesome! Every cup is your own unique blend and best of all for one low price. No weights. No scales. No surprises. One low price per cup. So the next time you’ve got the sweet tooth come into Pulse and fill up on Awesome!No matter what your mood or craving with over 48 different candies to choose from, be prepared to hit that spot. Whether is savory, salty, sugary, gummy, hard, caramel based, chocolate covered, classic, or gourmet, we have it all. Now you don’t have to wait to be on vacation to browse the eclectic candy shop – its at your Pulse so go ahead and Treat U Self to a cup of awesome today.